Basic Training

We have an active group of members willing to help get you in the air.

Our Training Sessions are normally mid-week so we can dedicate more time and airspace to you, although weekend sessions can be arranged if needed.

For your first flights we provide everything required, model, buddy box system etc.

When its time to make your own purchase of equipment we can provide help and advise on a suitable model and radio equipment.

To fly solo at our Club we do not insist on a BMFA Achievement Scheme A Certificate, but we will need you to prove that you can fly safely and follow the club Rules and Procedures as well as observe our NO FLY Zones and FLYING TIMES.

To Fly Solo you will need to hold a BMFA/CAA Registration Competency Certificate (Article 16 Authorisation) This is an online test.



Improver Sessions

In addition to our Basic Training, we can also provide guidance and assistance as you develop your flying skills and work towards the BMFA Achievement Scheme A and B tests.

We have a numbers of Examiners and Area Chief Examiners within the Club who can undertake the Achievement Scheme tests