Our Activities

We fly all sorts of radio controlled models. Most members seem to prefer electric models but we still get a good turnout at the weekends and Wednesday afternoons using I.C. powered models. In addition to fixed wing, we have quite a few members flying Helicopters.

The Club requires that ALL I.C. Models undertake a noise test and be issued with a test certificate before they can be flown, our noise limit is 82dB at 7m

E-Soaring gliders are popular at the moment and on a Tuesday evening you will see many airborne.

Some members do fly EDF, although these are limited to IC times (See Flying Times) due to noise concerns.

We have been flying at our current field for over 30 years

We have members of all abilities and ages so this should not put you off from coming along and trying this great hobby of ours. We regularly organise training / improver days where we have a team available to help members learn or improve their flying.


We are proud to have or had in the club the British scale champion as well as representatives in the European and World glider championships.

Some of our members have flown at the major model shows representing some of the manufacturers so there is a wealth of experience in all aspects of our sport.

We hold regular monthly club nights on the first Thursday of the month, during the winter these our indoors but from June to September we move outdoors to the flying field.

For more information on club nights and events see the 'WHATS ON PAGE'

During the winter months we organise indoor flying events on a number of Tuesday evenings at a local sports hall and cater for small electric indoor planes, helicopters and multi-rotors.